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Ultra Thin Solar Motorway Road Stud In Park

Solar motorway road stud is a traffic safety facility invented in the 1980s, and then gradually upgraded to reflective motorway road stud, solar motorway road stud and so on. In addition to the warning function at the beginning, the current road stud is also newly developed for lighting and decoration.
Motorway road stud is more and more widely used in the real world. Therefore, we can often see motorway road studs on the road, but also in other places, such as parking lots, gardens, squares, parks and so on.
On May 6, 2019, NOKIN’s solar motorway road stud products appeared in a park. This kind of road stud is ultra-thin solar motorway road stud NK-RS-Q7 and its thickness is only 11 mm. Because the solar motorway road stud needs to have solar panels, batteries or capacitors, LED beads and other internal accessories, it is difficult to be so thin. Solar motorway road stud NK-RS-Q7 not only uses the high-end solar motorway road stud with the big brand of solar panels and LED lights, but also achieves the high requirements of 5-8 years of service life.
The power of solar motorway road stud NK-RS-Q7 is small, and the typical lamp type is square. The style modeling is colorful, colorful, unique and elegant, which can make the courtyard, park, playground and so on picturesque. The product can be used for lighting for 4-5 days and work for 8-10 hours every day with sufficient electricity. The solar motorway road stud can also be designed according to the special requirements of users.
Installing such solar motorway road studs in the park can not only light up the road at night, but also decorate the whole park. At the same time, because of its ultra-thin property, even if the bicycle is pressed, solar motorway road stud NK-RS-Q7 will not have obvious bumpy feeling.
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