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Strong Solar Road Stud of NOKIN

This is because the solar road stud on the road is often subject to unexpected damage: such as car rolling, rain and so on. If the solar road stud can’t bear a certain pressure, it will not work normally if it is broken after the car is rolled or impacted. Therefore, the compression should be the most basic condition for the normal work of solar road stud.
Solar road stud itself is an electronic product, it is very difficult to have high compression performance of its electronic components. Therefore, generally speaking, the compress performance of solar road stud is worse than that of ordinary road stud. At present, the compression index of the general standard load solar road stud must reach 10 tons. The compression index of ordinary road stud will be higher than it.
SHENZHEN NOKIN TRAFFIC FACILITIES CO., LTD. has made great efforts to improve the compress performance of solar road studs. NOKIN solar road stud generally adopts reinforced PC + aluminum shell to enhance the compress capacity of solar road stud shell. PC bulletproof material is used in solar panels of NOKIN products to prevent damage. In addition, it will be designed as a shape with slope to buffer.
NOKIN main solar road stud products are solar road stud NK-RS-A6-1, solar road stud NK-RS—K1, solar road stud NK-RS-Q7, solar road stud NK-RS-X5 and so on. Welcome to buy our products.
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