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NOKIN Road Studs for Motorway
Shenzhen NOKIN Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures in the road safety industry for solar road studs for Motorway/highway. Solar road studs for motorway are specially designed for marking of pedestrian crossings, roundabouts,traffic islands, etc. Our products are made of active lighting LED light sources and can work completely autonomously within a few years.
Solar Motorway Road Stud R&D Innovation
Our mission is to become a leading motorway road stud supplier of high-quality and reliable solar road stud for motorway/expressway in the transportation industry. To this end, we have built a team of skilled professionals who understand your business and provide excellent customer service.
motorway road stud factory
motorway road stud supplier
Global Market
NOKIN Traffic combine the latest technology in solar road studs for motorway with solar energy to produce sustainable public lighting that meets the highest standards. With our manufacturing facilities, we can customize motorway solar road stud to meet your requirements, while providing a cost-effective way to economically increase the safety, security, attractiveness, and status of businesses and regions. We work with individuals and organizations in the private and public sectors to achieve sustainable results.
NOKIN Motorway Road Stud Development History
In 2002
The first road stud used in the motorway was successfully developed
In 2005
NOKIN motorway road stud have been exported to 20+ countries, including US, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, United Kingdom, Germany and etc.
In 2010
Owned 5 patented products, the energy way of motorway/highway road studs changed from reflection to solar energy.
In 2019
NOKIN exports 500,000 solar motorway road studs to more than 60 countries around the world.